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328 1584d 21h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Fixed bug where update lists couldn't be executed twice in same run
327 1584d 21h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Fixed missing argument in show_message call
326 1585d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Moved report of missing dependencies to when a package is selected for install and enhanced to recursively check dependencies
325 1593d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Added install lists
324 1607d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ component path suggestions
323 1733d 13h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Classes for install list
322 1739d 21h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Added find file dialog
321 1795d 21h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Added warning if locally installed package does not have it's dependencies met
320 1803d 18h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Added install/remove/copyright/components buttons to the information window
318 1907d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Fixed case in PackMan
317 1914d 19h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Updated announcement for newsgroup
316 1936d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Updated history with fixes done in support libraries
315 1945d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Removed some warnings
314 1952d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Added cross-compile of PkgTest
313 1956d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Removed debugging prints
312 1956d 20h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Changes to allow cross compile packaging
311 1957d 19h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Updated versions to 0.8.4
310 1957d 19h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Ensure PackMan choices directory is created before trying to write to it
309 1958d 19h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Fixed empty sources window
308 1958d 19h alanb@RISCID.ORG /trunk/ Updated eclipse projet file

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