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43 4755d 02h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added virtualisation of floating point context.
42 4774d 02h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added SWI Thread_Enumerate.
41 4774d 15h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added SWI Thread_Clone.
40 4775d 12h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Moved dynamic area handling into class dynamic_area.
39 4778d 09h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added SWIs Thread_Zap and Thread_ZapAnother.
38 4778d 10h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Refactored fragment_pool and shared_svc_stack to prevent reservations from being lost.
37 4781d 15h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Moved global destructors from start of finalisation routine to end, where they belong.
36 4783d 03h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added SWI Thread_Yield.
35 4783d 03h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added SWI Thread_Self.
34 4784d 01h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added support for switching on upcalls.
33 4784d 13h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added class fragment_pool.
32 4791d 12h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Corrected failure of amb::unmap to record changes to memory and application space limits.
31 4795d 00h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Corrected memory and application space limits set by amb::amb.
30 4797d 18h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Virtualised callbacks by permanently intercepting callback, event and escape handlers.
29 4797d 18h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added function find_swi_table.
28 4797d 21h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added function call_handler.
27 4797d 21h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added function get_cpsr.
26 4800d 01h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Moved high memory and application space limits from environment context to AMB.
25 4810d 02h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Enabled switching of AMBs.
24 4813d 03h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added virtualisation of environment handlers.

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