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24 4421d 12h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Created riscpkg directory for package tags.
23 4421d 13h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Changed package version from 0.0.35-0 to 0.0.35-1.
22 4421d 13h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Moved header files into subdirectory.
21 4421d 23h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Corrected list of binary packages given in Copyright file.
20 4421d 23h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added aliases for executables.
19 4421d 23h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added CrossPaths file to LibShishi-Dev.
18 4421d 23h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added brief description of Kerberos to README file.
17 4421d 23h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Corrected build-time dependency from LibGCrypt to LibGCrypt-Dev.
16 4422d 00h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added package build script and manifest files.
15 4422d 00h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added package control file.
14 4422d 00h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added sprite declaration.
13 4422d 00h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added system variable definitions.
12 4422d 01h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added file gdoc-error which was missing from distribution tarball.
11 4422d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added !Boot, !Run and !Help files.
10 4422d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added README file.
9 4422d 05h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added sprite files.
8 4422d 05h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Created application directory.
7 4490d 15h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added copyright file.
6 4490d 15h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Created RiscPkg directory.
5 4490d 17h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Altered replacement gettime and gettimeofday for compatibility with GCCSDK.

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