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33 3904d 00h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added new paths requested by ROOL.
32 4429d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Changed version from to
31 4430d 06h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added support for tilde character in versions.
30 4589d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Tagged package version
29 4589d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Created riscpkg directory for package tags.
28 4589d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Tagged version
27 4589d 04h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Changed version from to
26 4597d 01h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Changed licence field from whitespace-separated to comma-separated. (No compatibility issues expected as existing packages would not normally have more than one tag.)
25 4597d 02h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added new section about build environment.
24 4597d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added specification for Autobuild field.
23 4597d 08h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added specification for Rules file.
22 4597d 10h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added documentation for CrossPaths file.
21 4597d 12h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Added autobuilder support.
20 4597d 12h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Altered manifest to exclude .svn directories.
19 4597d 12h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Make files and directories writable before attempting to delete them.
18 4597d 12h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG / Fixed file permissions.
17 4967d 11h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Rewrote list of sections.
16 5003d 01h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Removed section 'Module'.
15 5089d 08h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Added Resources directory to binary package structure.
14 5089d 20h gdshaw@RISCPKG.ORG / Released version

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