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430 3058d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /trunk/!RTK/rtk/util/cumulative_sum.h Replaced incorrect use of 'class' with 'typename' in rtk::util::cumulative_sum::find.
391 5058d 22h alex@RISCPKG.ORG /trunk/!RTK/rtk/util/cumulative_sum.h Remove semicolons after namespaces
350 5641d 19h gdshaw /trunk/!RTK/rtk/util/cumulative_sum.h Updated copyright dates.
348 5641d 20h gdshaw /trunk/!RTK/rtk/util/cumulative_sum.h Changes required for GCC 3.
319 5800d 22h gdshaw /trunk/!RTK/rtk/util/cumulative_sum.h Added class util::cumulative_sum.