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45 5253d 01h gdshaw /trunk/ Moved binary package to RiscPkg directory.
44 5253d 01h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 1.0.1-0 to 1.0.2-0.
43 5253d 01h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed priority from Extra to Optional.
42 5253d 01h gdshaw /trunk/ Corrected definition of Alias$fixdeps.
41 5253d 01h gdshaw /trunk/ Removed definition of UnixEnv$fixdeps$sfix.
39 5257d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 1.0.0-0 to 1.0.1-0.
38 5257d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Converted RiscPkg/Rules to use FileUtils.
37 5257d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added sprite declaration.
36 5257d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added definition for AR to Rules.make.
34 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 0.1.0 to 1.0.0.
33 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 0.1.0 to 1.0.0.
32 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Updated system variable definition to match !Boot,!Run files.
31 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Added h, c and cc to list of suffix-swapped filetypes.
30 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Added rule for building from assembly language.
29 5258d 08h gdshaw /trunk/ Rewritten to support UNIX-style dependencies and continuation lines.
27 5611d 17h gdshaw /trunk/ Added compilation script to package build script.
26 5611d 20h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed package build script to use mkdir.
25 5611d 20h gdshaw /trunk/ Added Rules/make to distribution lists.
24 5611d 20h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 0.0.1 to 0.1.0.
23 5611d 20h gdshaw /trunk/ Updated !Help file.
22 5612d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added system variables FixDeps$Dir and FixDeps$Path.
21 5612d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Updated system variable definitions to use logical path syntax.
20 5612d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added makefile with standard pattern rules.
19 5612d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added makefile with standard pattern rules.
18 5680d 23h gdshaw /trunk/ Added package metadata and build script.
16 5787d 13h gdshaw /trunk/ Added history file.
15 5787d 17h gdshaw /trunk/ Changed version from 0.0.0 to 0.0.1.
14 5787d 18h gdshaw /trunk/ Set UnixLib file suffix list in !Boot file (not just !Run).
12 5799d 06h gdshaw /trunk/ Added release date.
11 5799d 21h gdshaw /trunk/ Added !Sprites file to distribution lists.
10 5800d 03h gdshaw /trunk/ Added !Sprites file.
9 5800d 05h gdshaw /trunk/ Added makefile targets dist-src and dist-bin.
8 5800d 11h gdshaw /trunk/ Added makefile target dist.
7 5800d 11h gdshaw /trunk/ Added copyright file.
6 5800d 11h gdshaw /trunk/ Added default suffix swap-set.
5 5801d 04h gdshaw /trunk/ Added !Help file.
4 5801d 04h gdshaw /trunk/ Added makefile.
3 5801d 04h gdshaw /trunk/ Added source code.
2 5801d 04h gdshaw /trunk/ Added !Boot and !Run files.
1 5801d 04h /trunk/ New repository initialized by cvs2svn.