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41 5318d 10h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Removed definition of UnixEnv$fixdeps$sfix.
31 5323d 16h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Added h, c and cc to list of suffix-swapped filetypes.
22 5677d 11h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Added system variables FixDeps$Dir and FixDeps$Path.
10 5865d 11h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Added !Sprites file.
6 5865d 19h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Added default suffix swap-set.
2 5866d 12h gdshaw /trunk/!FixDeps/!Run,feb Added !Boot and !Run files.