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389 3932d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added function unify_all, to perform recusrive unification.
388 3934d 08h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added support for handling conjuncts to shared_conjunct::insert.
387 3934d 20h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Implemented unification of disjuncts that are embedded within conjuncts.
386 3935d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Simplified degenerate disjunct resulting from unification.
385 3936d 08h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Prevented feature from being added to conjunct if attribute already appears in an inner disjunct.
384 3987d 11h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added class babel::path, to represent a path within a functional description.
383 3993d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added functions for constructing generic values from C- and C++-style strings.
382 3993d 07h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added (non-optimised) support for unification of disjuncts.
381 3995d 06h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added constructor to make a conjunct from a disjunct.
380 3995d 06h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added functions conjunct::contains and disjunct::contains.
379 3997d 09h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added support for unification of features and conjuncts.
378 3998d 08h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added functions basic_value::copy_on_write and basic_value::uniquify, replacing corresponding functions in derived classes.
377 3999d 11h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added class babel::disjunct, to represent a disjunct within a functional description.
376 3999d 18h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added ability to convert between phrases and conjuncts. Begun to draw distinction between features that are obligatory and ones that are enclosed within a disjunct.
375 4000d 15h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added class babel:conjunct, to represent a functional description.
374 4004d 06h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added class babel::feature, to represent members of functional descriptions.
373 4021d 20h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Modified shared values to use std::less family of classes for comparison.
372 4027d 17h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Added class babel::basic_value, initially as a superclass of babel::token, but with the potential to act as a base for other types and ultimately replace babel::phrase.
371 4027d 19h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Created new branch for evaluating the use of unification.
370 4027d 19h gdshaw@RISCID.ORG /branches/ Deleted unification branch.

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