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// This file is part of the free Filer module for RISC OS.
// Copyright © 2007 Graham Shaw.
// Redistribution and modification are permitted under the terms of the
// GNU General Public License (version 2 or any later version).


/** Calculate hash of pathname.
 * Callers should not make any assumption about how the hash is calculated,
 * except that it is consistent for any given set of inputs.
 * @param pathname the pathname (which should exclude the filing system and
 *  special field
 * @param length the length of the pathname
 * @param fs_number the filing system number
 * @param fs_special the filing system special field (null terminated),
 *  or 0 if none

extern "C"
unsigned int pathname_hash(const char* pathname,unsigned int length,
        int fs_number,const char* fs_special);