Revision Log - /svnweb/tbx/log 2015-12-10T13:18:26 SVN::Web daily 1 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 331 - Added TaskWindow class to run a RISC OS TaskWindow /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=331 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-12-10T13:18:26 330 - Added close command to TextDisplayWindow and show_message functions /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=330 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-11-25T13:33:47 329 - Fixed right margin calculation /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=329 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-11-17T15:46:54 328 - Fixed bug when adding multiple gadgets to the LockExtentPosition /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=328 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-11-17T14:12:01 327 - Added LockExtentPosition class /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=327 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-11-12T12:51:36 326 - Added GadgetListView class /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=326 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-09-22T11:32:37 325 - Fixed include case /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=325 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-09-22T11:31:27 324 - Fixed hang in saving tag doc when attribute had been added to a tag /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=324 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-07-16T13:44:45 323 - Added handler to delete class and toolbox object /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=323 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-07-16T13:43:42 322 - added menu selection/submenu listeners /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=322 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-07-10T07:27:05 321 - Added common and wimp colour names to Colour class enum /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=321 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-06-19T13:18:51 320 - Added font item renderer /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=320 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-06-19T12:17:44 319 - Added font paint control string functions /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=319 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-06-19T12:17:14 318 - Release 0.7.3 /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=318 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-01-27T12:59:18 317 - Updated newsgroup announcement for 0.7.3 /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=317 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-01-27T12:57:10 316 - Fixed all buttons in message window being set as default /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=316 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-12-11T12:35:22 315 - Fixed new dependency generation /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=315 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-11-24T13:05:54 314 - Allow compiling and cataloguing using the GCCSDK on unix /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=314 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-11-02T16:41:37 313 - Preparing for 0.7.3 release /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=313 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-10-25T16:23:36 312 - Added OleClient class /svnweb/tbx/revision?rev=312 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-08-27T11:55:52