Revision Log - /svnweb/packit/log 2015-04-30T15:06:24 SVN::Web daily 1 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 75 - Fixed typo in help /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=75 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-04-30T15:06:24 74 - Packaging/Announce for 0.6 version /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=74 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2015-04-22T12:09:42 73 - Updated for cross compile with GCC 4.7.4 compiler /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=73 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-11-24T22:38:50 72 - Changed to using StrongHelp for the help /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=72 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-08-29T11:48:27 71 - Added OLE edit to description and copyright /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=71 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-08-27T13:15:33 70 - Added text versions of Res file and StrongHelp manual /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=70 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-08-20T11:45:50 69 - Fixed saving of blank lines in description /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=69 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-20T13:15:30 68 - Ensure modified check is always removed /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=68 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-20T12:58:05 67 - Fixed bug where modified flag wasn't set when description was changed /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=67 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-20T12:43:15 66 - Changing component flags now sets modified flag /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=66 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-13T20:54:24 65 - Added Apps.Text to list of install locations /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=65 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-13T20:21:20 64 - Fixed bug where a single file package could not be updated /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=64 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2014-03-12T21:32:40 63 - Tagging release 0.5 of PackIt /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=63 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-12-16T13:08:49 62 - Removed SysVars as it's no longer needed /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=62 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-12-07T14:18:28 61 - Set up for 0.5 release and updated package to use components /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=61 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-12-07T14:17:22 60 - Added support for Tasks... install locations /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=60 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-12-07T13:10:52 59 - Added code to set component flags /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=59 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-11-22T14:13:42 58 - Updated history to mention fix in tbx for showing help /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=58 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2013-03-13T13:22:22 57 - Updated for latest TBX and ZipArchive libraries /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=57 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2012-12-12T12:46:02 56 - Release 0.4 /svnweb/packit/revision?rev=56 alanb@RISCID.ORG 2012-02-08T09:50:02