Revision Log - /svnweb/lexicon/log 2011-06-07T19:59:45 SVN::Web daily 1 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 64 - Added function fragtable::restrict, with changes to handling of unary rules t... /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=64 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2011-06-07T19:59:45 63 - Added tagset::operator& and operator&=. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=63 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2011-06-07T19:43:37 62 - Added function fragtable::token. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=62 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2011-06-06T07:05:45 61 - Added function fragtable::capacity. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=61 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2011-06-06T05:58:22 60 - Added rules for ordinals. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=60 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-17T20:47:23 59 - Added ordinal suffixes.# /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=59 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-17T08:06:48 58 - Added support for recognising numeric ordinals. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=58 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-17T08:06:09 57 - Added rules for numerals. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=57 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-16T19:34:48 56 - Allowed tags to contain digits. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=56 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-16T19:31:28 55 - Added blank line in output between paragraphs. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=55 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-16T19:31:10 54 - Added rules for prepositional phrases. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=54 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:36:48 53 - Added list of common English prepositions. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=53 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:31:57 52 - Added language description for English. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=52 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:19:04 51 - Added list of common English determiners. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=51 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:18:32 50 - Added rules for parsing English noun phrases composed of nouns, adjectives, c... /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=50 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:16:04 49 - Corrected handling of recursive unary rules. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=49 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T20:11:24 48 - Modified parser to ignore word counts in lexicon files. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=48 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T19:58:04 47 - Added 'to be' to irregular verb list. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=47 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T18:26:09 46 - Converted CSV word lists into lexicon files. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=46 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T18:19:51 45 - Added support for unary rules. /svnweb/lexicon/revision?rev=45 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2010-11-15T17:47:07