Revision Log - /svnweb/RiscTerm/log 2008-05-01T14:02:58 SVN::Web daily 1 1901-01-01T00:00+00:00 54 - Tagged package version 0.0.0-0. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=54 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T14:02:58 53 - Created riscpkg directory for package tags. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=53 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T14:02:19 52 - Tagged version 0.0.0. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=52 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T14:01:29 51 - Added release date and history file. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=51 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T13:41:18 50 - Added warning before allowing application to quit (through task manager) if t... /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=50 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T11:45:54 49 - Renamed files riscterm.h and as application.h and ... /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=49 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T08:17:16 48 - Moved clases application and connect_dbox into namespace riscterm. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=48 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T07:48:15 47 - Added warning before allowing application to quit (though icon bar menu, not ... /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=47 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T06:41:44 46 - Windows now claim caret when opened. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=46 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-05-01T03:16:29 45 - Ensured that connection objects are correctly disassociated from the terminal... /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=45 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-30T18:55:44 44 - Detect closure of connection by remote host. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=44 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-30T17:18:32 43 - Added warning before allowing a window with an active connection to be closed. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=43 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-30T06:31:19 42 - Corrected build-time dependency RTK, which should be RTK-Dev. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=42 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-26T04:38:40 41 - Added ability to resolve non-numeric hostnames when making a Telnet connection. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=41 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-26T04:35:18 40 - Added title to terminal window. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=40 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-26T03:54:41 39 - Added package build script and manifest file. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=39 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-25T17:40:10 38 - Added makefile. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=38 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-25T17:39:35 37 - Added copyright file. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=37 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-25T16:36:14 36 - Added package control file. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=36 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-25T16:34:48 35 - Added sprite declaration. /svnweb/RiscTerm/revision?rev=35 gdshaw@RISCID.ORG 2008-04-25T16:32:37