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This is the source repository for the RISC OS Packaging Project. It contains the source code for all packages that are part of the base system, and may be used to host other packages at the discretion of the maintainer.

The source code is managed using a version control system called Subversion. There are two ways in which it can be accessed:

  • using a Subversion client, which creates a working copy of the source code on your machine;
  • through WebSVN, which allows the content of the repository to be remotely viewed using a standard web browser.

Anonymous read access, by either method, is open to everyone. Write access to the repository is possible by prior arrangement.

Access using a Subversion client

This is a suitable method of access if you wish to copy the complete source code for a package onto your own machine in order to compile it and perhaps make changes to it. A RISC OS port of the standard Subversion client has been created by Alex Waugh and can be downloaded from here. To create a new working copy of the source code for a given package, issue a command of the form:

svn co <url> <pathname>

where <url> is a Uniform Resource Locator which indicates what is to be copied and <pathname> determines where the copy will be placed. The root of this repository is located at http://source.riscpkg.org/svn. The next component of the path is the package name, followed by one of trunk, tags or branches.

The trunk represents the main line of development. Branches are used for work which is not part of this line, typically maintenance of old versions, and new features that are not ready to be merged. Tags are snapshots of the source, and typically correspond to a release or some other important event.

For example, a working copy of the latest development version of RiscPkg can be made by issuing the command:

svn co http://source.riscpkg.org/svn/RiscPkg/trunk RiscPkg

If instead a specific released version is required then this can be obtained by replacing trunk with tags and the name of the release:

svn co http://source.riscpkg.org/svn/RiscPkg/tags/v0_3_1 RiscPkg

Access through WebSVN

Sometimes it is useful to be able to browse the repository without making a working copy. One way to do this is using a program called WebSVN, which allows the repository to be viewed using a normal web browser. To do this click here and follow the links.


There are two ways in which Subversion can represent RISC OS filetypes: using a filename extension of the form ,xxx or by placing it in a Subversion property called svn::riscosfiletype. The latter method is arguably the better one, that being what properties are for, however it makes interaction with UNIX machines significantly more difficult. For this reason the repository currently uses filename extensions. For these to be correctly interpreted by the RISC OS Subversion client it is necessary to define the system variable svn$filetypeext.

Older Source Packages

Some packages have not yet been moved into the source repository. They can be found here and here.